Les Diablerets 2055


2055 is a temporary landmark to promote soft forms of mobility and offer pedestrian tourists a visual, tactile, and auditory experience in the Swiss Alps.

In August, 18 EPFL architecture master students erected a temporary landmark in Les Diablerets called 2055. The name is a reference to the altitude at which it stands, but it is also an invitation to contemplate the not so distant future. 2055 is one of three projects that students developed during the ALICE Y4 architectural studio held during last spring semester at EPFL. It was then refined and prefabricated during a 6-week summer workshop that brought together the 18 master’s students during their summer break. The structure is also a musical instrument, which is played by professionals during a concert last August and remain open to anyone who wants to produce echoes in the mountains. Sitting on a natural formation of rocks, it is located at the center of a natural amphitheater, within which notes played on its piano-string harp can resonate. The mandate to build the structure came from ecovillages, an association dedicated to promoting sustainable development in alpine environments, which was hosting a conference in Les Diablerets on the topic of ‘mobility.’ 2055 will be open to the public for three months, before it is taken down. Click here for a video.

Students: Marie Benaboud, Malik Boukhechina, Sophie Didisheim, Grégoire Droz-Dit-Busset, Rama Elias, Soraya Esaafi, Nathalie Grobéty, Marco Ievoli, Cristina Machado Magalhaes, Mana Michlig, Lou Muenger, Matteo Pitton, Sacha Rey, Jessica Ruffieux, Mikaël Sachs, Reda Bennani, Mané Lindemann, Céline Murer
Teaching Team: Dieter Dietz, Darius Karácsony, Agathe Mignon

Les Diablerets photographs © ALICE Studio EPFL

Master, Fall
Architecture, Construction, Experimentation, Landscape, Structure
CC BY Licence