Awarded project: (dis)appearance by Oana-Theodora Stefan

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(dis)appearance : unearthing the fragile fossil of Geamăna through new narratives

Short film: Re-tracer by Dominique Bartels, Ghita Ouassini, Justine Willa

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Photography by Lisa Mazenauer

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EPFL Architecture en IMAGES

History of Architecture V/VI : Final Exhibition 2023

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History of Architecture V/VI

Course: Docta Manus, Drawing Structures

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Docta Manus #2

Research: Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

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Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

Project: Campus Piéton

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Campus Piéton

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Atelier RIOT SS23

Atelier Tsuneyama SS23

Atelier Baukunst SS23

Atelier Delhay SS23

Atelier Gay Menzel, Project SS23

Atelier TEXAS (Lapierre) SS23

Atelier MANSLAB (Bakker & Blanc) SS23

Atelier Gay Menzel, Survey SS23

Atelier LAST (Rey) 2022-23 / SS23

Atelier Assemble FS22

Atelier Baukunst FS22

Atelier Bosshard & Vaquer FS22

Atelier LIF (Taillieu) FS22

Atelier Point Supreme FS22

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Events / Calendar:

Toward a Domestic City - Désassignation / ARCHIZOOM

, Foyer SG

IDEAS Lunch: Learning from North-Americans, Barbara Lambec / IDEAS

, LE 0 10

MAS ETH EPFL UTD - Urban & Environmental Theory Sessions / HRC

Territory as Palimpseste. The Legacy of André Corboz / ARCHIZOOM


Neighbours: Lectures on History & Theory of Architecture. Vol.2. Lecture 5 / THEMA, TPOD, ACHT, HITAM

, AAC 0 08

The Sky in a Room: domestic landscape and synthetic fine arts / LAPIS

, SG 294.22

ENAC General Assembly 2023

, CM 1 3

Progress Reviews : Intersections (Tectonics) / ALICE



, SG 294.22