Awarded project: (dis)appearance by Oana-Theodora Stefan

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(dis)appearance : unearthing the fragile fossil of Geamăna through new narratives

Short film: Re-tracer by Dominique Bartels, Ghita Ouassini, Justine Willa

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Photography by Lisa Mazenauer

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EPFL Architecture en IMAGES

History of Architecture V/VI : Final Exhibition 2023

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History of Architecture V/VI

Course: Docta Manus, Drawing Structures

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Docta Manus #2

Research: Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

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Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

Project: Campus Piéton

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Campus Piéton

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Studio TEXAS, Lapierre, FS23

Studio IBOIS, Weinand, FS23, Mock-up

Studio IBOIS, Weinand, FS23, Precedents

Studio RIOT, Malterre-Barthes, FS23

Studio MANSLAB, Bakker Blanc, FS23

Studio Dorzoon, FS23

Studio Encore, FS23

Studio Truwant Rodet, FS23

Studio Assemble, FS23

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Events / Calendar:

TOD-IS-RUR International Symposium / HRC

, Marne-la-Vallée, Paris

8th Rencontres de l'EDAR: Images and Numbers

, SG 294.22

Sentinel Attentions and Emergency Responses: A Participatory Embodied Choreography / ALICE

The Colosseum Factory / TPOD

, GC A1 416

Tackle the Type: Parking Garage / EAST

, AAC 1 20

Call for proposals - Open Fields Lunch Spring 2024 / HRC

, BP 3127

Open Fields Lunch: Productive Habitats 2024 - Material and Societal Change / HRC

, BP 3127

Leçon inaugurale - Prof. Sophie Delhay

, CO 2

Lausanne Jardins : Circulation Garden Project / HRC

“Une maison pour me loger”: The Luxembourg Palace and the Accidents of History / TPOD

, GC A1 416