Juries & Exhibition: Circular Gangbuk, Mai 2022

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CIRCULAR GANGBUK - Final Review & Exhibition

Atelier Delhay FS22: Simone Mauro, Camyl Vigneault & Arla Williams, Nappe pour 100 personnes

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Nappe pour 100 personnes

Exhibition: Positions, Breaking down architecture studios, June 2022

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POSITIONS - Breaking down architecture studios

Exhibition: Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low, Actions from Matrix Feminist Design Co-operative, Archizoom, Spring 2022

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Do Not Carry Your Flag Too Low

Course: Docta Manus — Drawing Structures

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Docta Manus #2

Research: Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

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Conduit, Patio, Waste: Mapping Environmental Relations in Architecture

Photography: EPFL Images, Lisa Mazenauer, 2022

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EPFL Images

Publication: Impact, Issue 20, L'Atelier Magazine, June 2022

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L'Atelier Magazine 20 - IMPACT

Project: Campus Piéton

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Campus Piéton

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Atelier Baukunst FS22

Atelier Bosshard & Vaquer FS22

Atelier Delhay FS22

Atelier LIF (Taillieu) FS22

Atelier MANSLAB (Bakker & Blanc) FS22

Atelier Point Supreme FS22

Atelier TEXAS (Lapierre) FS22

Atelier Tsuneyama FS22

Atelier LAB-U (Viganò) FS22

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Events / Calendar:

End of Year Show, Spring 2023 / EPFL Architecture

, EPFL Campus

7th Rencontres de l'EDAR: Science and Society / EDAR

, BM 5202

Open Fields Lunch: Productive Habitats 2023

, AAC 0 06

Inaugural Lecture - Prof. Alfredo Thiermann

, CO 2

Inaugural Lecture - Prof. Pier Vittorio Aureli

, CO 2

Research Seminar : RESONANCES / ALICE

, Studio 2

Positions: Transcalar Prospects in Climate Crisis / EPFL Architecture

, SG 1212

Projets de Masters

Lighten Up! On Biology and Time / EPFL Pavilions

, EPFL Pavilions

Forum des transitions urbaines 2023 / LAST

, Microcity